About ASC

ASC (Affinion Security Center) is a division of Affinion Group, a global leader in providing identity theft protection services as well as fraud prevention services to corporations and individuals. Backed by over 40 years of experience, Affinion Group has helped the world’s most valuable brands strengthen customer relationships and enhance trust while driving bottom line revenue.

Featuring a suite of leading consumer identity theft services and data breach solutions, ASC serves local, national and multi-national enterprises including those in the financial, retail and travel industries. Currently serving over 7 million personal subscribers, ASC works to strengthen the commitment between organizations and their clientele by providing quick, superior, and compliant safeguards against the misuse of compromised data.

The ASC product development team works with you to ensure that your solution directly meets the data security needs of both your organization and its target clientele. But we don’t stop there. ASC provides the continuous support needed to properly administer and promote your solution. In addition, we offer the flexibility to co-brand or private-label your ASC product, helping to establish your organization as a leader in personal data security.

Contact ASC today, and enjoy all the benefits that our capabilities and experience can offer.

ASC is part of the steering committee of the Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel (IDSP), member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and has been consistently awarded ISO 27001 Certification, the highest International standard for information security management.